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Business Contact Management. Re-invented.™

Crowd-sourced Business Contact Management & CRM

Implemented by Individuals, Teams, or Whole Companies

ChannelPace provides a premier Contact Management CRM software application to increase your company's efficiency, service and improve your sales and bottom line

Business Contact Management. Re-Invented.

A place where you can keep your business contacts, and where everyone in the same company benefits from the pooling of everyone's contact knowledge. But your contacts are always yours, even when you move jobs.

Contact updating is crowd-sourced between people in the same company, or others with the same contacts, providing the most up to date information at all times.


Contact Management

Add your business contacts and keep them updated through crowd-sourcing.
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Business Networking

Exchange full business card details with other ChannelPace users.
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Pool contact knowledge within your company to create a dynamic CRM system.
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Social Communication

Get your message out to your contacts and even people you don't know.
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Be more efficient, more effective, and have a competitive advantage.

Similar to LinkedIn, Facebook and other social systems, it's free to join ChannelPace.
You can organise your contacts, business-network with other users and benefit from global crowd-sourced updating of contact information.


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