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The Social Business Relationship System™

Contact Management and CRM Owned By You


Have a competitive advantage by harnessing the most valuable resource in business; contact knowledge and information.  

We combine contact management with business-networking, to create a business relationship system that harnesses the knowledge in your company and business network.

You can implement it for free in minutes, either on your own, or with co-workers. And it travels with you, no matter where you work in the future.



A Better Way To Get Organised in Business


We help you protect your most valuable asset - Your Business Contacts

ChannelPace is a Business Relationship System designed for people in business. It helps you organise and protect your most valuable asset; your business contacts. It's in the cloud and available on any web-capable device. But it's very different to any Contact Manager you've seen before ...


Business Networking with Full Information

Connect with other ChannelPace users around the world. We call this "Associating". When you Associate, you exchange full business card information, can Instant Message, and even collaborate on a document. And when their details change, you have the updates automatically. It's business-networking that's useful.



CRM That You & Co-Workers Own

We bring users in the same company together to create a rich and dynamic CRM system by pooling contacts. This enables everyone to harness the knowledge within their company. When it’s time to leave for another company though, you take your contacts with you, no matter where you go.


Implement On Your Own, or In A Group

Tired of the company CRM system? Have your own then. ChannelPace can be implemented by individuals, co-workers, work-groups or by businesses. Extra  features are available on our individual or company-wide subscription plans, but that is optional. 


One more thing ...

You can get started right now on your own, and you don't even have to remember a username and password.
(Yay! WooHoo! We hate passwords too!)


Time to get organised?

It's free to join and get started. 



PaceCapture - Making it easy

Don't like the idea of entering your contacts into ChannelPace yourself? Use our PaceCapture service to send us your business cards and your ChannelPace Personal Assistant will enter them for you, as if you had done it yourself, and they will appear in your list of contacts automatically.

You can also snap a photo of a business card, even copy and paste the email signature of a contact, and ChannelPace will look after entry for you.

Read more about our PaceCapture Service. For a limited time, this is a FREE service!



Let us help you get organised

Psst. Because of the way ChannelPace works, you may already be in the system as a contact of current ChannelPace users. If this is the case, you won't need to enter all your details after registering in, and we will automatically link you with those users.