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Business Contact Management, Reinvented™

BUSINESS Contact Management, REinvented

For Individuals, Teams, or Companies


ChannelPace is a social platform that's free to join for people in business.


Problems we set out to solve

If any of the following sounds true, ChannelPace was designed for you

contact management in the social workplace that solves business problems with collaboration and sharing

Are your business contacts a mess?

Are your business contacts scattered across your phone, email client, business networking sites, company CRM and a pile of business cards?


Are you on LinkedIn but questioning the benefits to you? Are you tired of not having full business details available, and are you lacking confidence in the information?

CRM at your company

Questioning the accuracy of the company CRM system? Does it actually contain all the contacts your company knows? Is everyone using it?

Struggling with Social?

Struggling to work out what "Social" means for you in business? Trying to make different social platforms fit your business, only to get invitations to play games, and photos of people on holiday?


Making your business life easier

contact management a valuable business asset to keep safe

Designed for you in the new social workplace

  • All of your business contacts organised in one place
  • Your contacts are always yours, even when you change jobs
  • Business information that updates automatically to latest available
  • Ability to harness the knowledge of everyone in your company and extended business network
  • Understands customers, suppliers, partners, competitors & more
  • Always receive full business card information when connecting
  • Have an advantage over your competitors
  • Be more organised, efficient and effective in your role

User Comments

"So much more useful than LinkedIn."
Channel Manager, Global Vendor, IT Industry

"I'm finally organised."
Sales Representative, Reseller, Financial Sector

"I know what is happening before my competitors."
Channel Manager, Global Vendor, IT Industry

"Wow! This is impressive. And powerful."
Sales Manager, Reseller, IT Industry


Get organised, be more efficient, and have a competitive advantage.
Like other social systems, it's free to join.