What is ChannelPace?

ChannelPace is a cloud-based platform providing individuals a place to store their business contacts, and to exchange full business details with other users. It also provides a dynamic CRM that automatically pools the contact knowledge of everyone in the same company. It’s a fundamental reinvention of the management of business contacts for individuals and companies.

It's a new platform based on four components, designed for the new social workplace.

  • Contact Management
  • Business Networking
  • Contact Relationship Management
  • Social Messaging and Communication

Why is it needed?

With the advent of social systems (e.g. LinkedIn), BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) and an increasingly transient workforce, the traditional home of contact information in business, the CRM system, is not being utilised like it once was. Ownership of information is now moving towards the individual. But individuals are now in possession of incomplete and/or inaccurate information and operating in their own information silos. In addition, companies are no longer capturing one of the most valuable assets in business - information.

Our solution provides a way for individuals to protect their most valuable asset, their business contacts, and for everyone in the same company to harness the collective knowledge of all employees


What is the aim of ChannelPace?

ChannelPace aims to become the global trusted-source for business contact information. It aims to make individuals and companies more efficient, more effective, and to give them a competitive advantage in the new social workplace.

The specific problems we are solving are:

  • Provide the most accurate information for individuals, and provide a single, trusted place to keep their most valuable business asset.
  • Provide “as it happens” business intelligence allowing people to make informed decisions.
  • Provide a solution that allows everyone in a company to tap into and harness the knowledge within their company.
  • Provide companies the ability to gather and retain the contact information and knowledge their employees collectively possess in a workplace that is becoming increasingly transient and social, and dealing with non-company owned devices. 

Who would benefit from using ChannelPace?

Anyone in the business world, with a company-specific email domain. ChannelPace is able to be used by individuals, teams or entire companies. The system automatically brings people in the same companies together and does not necessarily need to be purchased or provisioned by a company (although this capability is available to companies).


What makes ChannelPace different?

ChannelPace allows companies to harness the collective contact knowledge of everyone in their company. Contacts are owned by individual users, and portable between jobs, but an imprint always remains at the company. Additionally, information is able to be updated by anyone in the world with the same contacts, known as crowdsourcing.

How is it different to traditional CRM?

ChannelPace is different to traditional CRM because the information is ultimately owned by the users. They have “skin in the game” as it is a tool designed for them, with information that is important to them. When a user leaves a company to join another, they take their contacts with them, so they have a reason to use it. An imprint always remains at the company when a contact leaves however.

ChannelPace doesn’t necessarily need to be provisioned by a company. For example, twenty people at the same company can decide to use ChannelPace, and due to our authentication system, are able to organically pool their knowledge.

Only one record of a contact is kept by the system, and anyone in the world with access to a particular contacts’ information is able to edit the information.

How is it different to LinkedIn?

ChannelPace is based on full business card information. Only business email domains are permitted in the system. When users connect (we call it Associate) they exchange full business card details. As the contact is now known by a user in a company, anyone in the company is now able to see the information, although it is “owned” by the original contact who associated.

Users do not have to wait for one of their contacts to join ChannelPace. They can add contacts much like a regular CRM system. When a contact logs in for the first time, they may find they are already connected to multiple contacts. At this point, editing of information is up to the individual user, but if they do not use ChannelPace, after a period, edit and updating of information falls back to their contacts.


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