Social, but for business

ChannelPace IS social, but purely business focused. 

Have you got business contacts wanting to connect with you on Facebook, only for you to be bombarded with baby photos and ads for games they are playing? What about Twitter? Are all your customers following you so you can tweet your latest offering? 

ChannelPace is a social business network, combined with CRM and contact management. We deliver more social options through three social services. 


PaceWire - One to Select

Distributing information to partners and customers is currently done in one of two ways:

  • Email Distribution - Information to those you know
  • Social (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) - Information to Everyone

PaceWire is a new in-system service that allows you to tailor the audience who sees the information you want to distribute. 

PaceWires are delivered to other users in the system that match the Audience profile that you determine. In this way, even contacts you don't know are able to receive your information and contact you. 

get your message out to other Channelpace users matching your social criteria

Audiences can be selected by Industry Channel, Company Type, Custom Relationships defined by your company and can even be narrowed down by Job Function. 

This ensures that the RIGHT audience is seeing your message. 


PaceMail - One to One Messaging

PaceMail is our system messaging service. It allows you to send on-system one-to-one messages to any contact in the system. Of course you can send PaceMails to people in your MyContacts list, but you can also get in touch with people you don't know. 

one to one messaging that when deleted is really deleted

PaceMails are accessed through the PaceMail Messaging Centre from the Menu Bar. You are notified when new messages are available. 


PaceChat - Instant Messaging

Instant message with your online contacts

Instant Messaging for Business. This service allows you to instant message within your company AND with your contacts.

You can even transfer files to an online contact.


Similar to LinkedIn, Facebook and other social systems, it's free to join ChannelPace.
You can organise your contacts, business-network with other users and benefit from crowd-sourced updating of contact information.