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Our free service enables you to get your contacts organised.

It can be implemented by you and others in your company for free in minutes.

Our Premium service allows you to be more efficient, harness the knowledge of others in your company, and to have a competitive advantage.


WALKER - Our Free Service

Summary of free features on our Walker Plan:

SPRINTER - Our Premium Service

In addition to the features of the Walker Service, our Premium users also get the following:

Shared Contacts in Company
Harness the contact knowledge of all ChannelPace users in your company, even the free users. It’s CRM where contacts are owned by the individuals.

Assist, our First Knowledge AdvantageTM Alerts
Get information delivered to you, as it happens, enabling you to get ahead of your competitors. Place a watch on VIP contacts or company locations and let the ChannelPace platform inform you instantly of any changes of information you are entitled to see.

Account/Territory Management
Manage your accounts and let others in your company know who you cover.

Accounts List Email Generator
Generate targeted email distribution lists into your accounts based on your contact knowledge, but also tap into the knowledge of other ChannelPace users in your company with contacts in your accounts. Lists in seconds!

Account Contact Visibility by your Customers
Let customers know who to contact when they view your company in ChannelPace.

Task Management
Assign tasks to yourself or to others in your company so nothing is forgotten. Tasks can be attached to contacts, companies, yourself or even free users in your company.

Record & View Your Interactions
Keep a record of important meetings, phone calls, emails etc by recording your thoughts against contacts. Using our myNote feature, keeps notes on your contacts that are only ever seen by you.

View all Interactions by your company
Have the ability to read non-private notes on contacts recorded by other premium ChannelPace users in your company. Great for working out who is speaking to who.

PaceWire Social Messaging Access *
Send on-platform messages to people matching demographics you specify.

5 PaceMails/Month to non-contacts *
Reach out to contacts on-platform that you don’t know with our one-to-one messaging platform.

Access to our Referral Program
Be rewarded for expanding our premium user base. Details on this program are provided once you become a Premium subscriber.


Pricing for our Premium Sprinter Version

$19.79 per month, or $149.79 per year


How to subscribe to our Premium version

Register for free here, then click the Upgrade options. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.

Contact Management
Store all your business contacts in one place and have them available across all your devices. It’s your digital business card file!

Business Networking
Connect with other users and exchange full business card details.

Crowd-sourced updating
Information may be updated by you, others in your company, your contacts, or even by people around the world with the same contacts as you. Up-to-date and instant updating!

SmartPhone App (iOS & Android)
Take your contact information out on the road with you when away from the office. Premium users can also search through the contact knowledge of other users in their company.

Export Contacts at anytime
With a couple of mouse clicks, instantly export all your contacts in CSV or VCF format.

Instant Messaging
Chat in realtime with your online contacts and even send files securely to each other.

Search / 50 Results
Search contacts by name, street name, city, or company name.

PaceMails to Contacts
Use our on-platform messaging service to send secure and encrypted messages to other users.



Start now for free and get your business contacts organised


Charges are in Australian Dollars and include the GST. All plans and features are subject to change without notice, and all use is subject to our Terms Of Use, available at Errors & Omissions Excepted. Smartphone access is via iOS and Android native apps available on the Apple and Google App Stores. The ChannelPace Logo is a Registered Trademark of Channelpace Pty Ltd. 'Business Contact Management, Reinvented' is a trademark of ChannelPace Pty Ltd.