Let your ChannelPace Personal Assistant help you get your contacts organised.

ChannelPace goes beyond card scanning apps to provide you with multiple ways to get your contacts organised.

Send physical business cards via post, take photos of cards on your phone, have a file imported, or even send details from email signatures. 


At a Glance

  • Business Contact Transcription Service
  • More accurate than OCR
  • Simple for You
  • Multiple submission methods
  • Cards returned to you or destroyed
  • Secure Service
  • Like having a personal assistant
  • Available exclusively to users on our premium Sprinter plan

Use any combination of these four methods to capture contact information into your ChannelPace MyContacts List

Business Cards

As you receive business cards from new contacts, place them in an envelope.

When you have 10 or more, simply send the envelope to ChannelPace.

Photos & Scans of Cards

Using the camera app on your smartphone, snap a picture of a card, and email it to the PaceCapture service at capture@channelpace.com

You can even scan multiple cards on a scanner and send in.

Email Signatures

Received an email from a contact and their full business details are in their signature?

Copy and paste, and email directly to the PaceCapture service at capture@channelpace.com

Contact Import

Do you have all your contacts in a spreadsheet or CSV file? Send the file in and your Assistant will get them in for you.


Leave it to your ChannelPace Personal Assistant

No matter which method you use, ChannelPace personnel will enter the contacts into the system securely on your behalf and they will appear in your MyContacts list. It's the same as if you entered them yourself.

Regardless of the method used to submit contacts, the following information must be supplied: 
work email address, contact first and last name, job title, company name, company address (or declare “mobile worker”), & phone number (e.g. mobile/cell number).


Post Business Cards to:

PaceCapture Service
PO Box 3112
Wheelers Hill  VIC 3112

Card Photos, Scans, Email Signatures or Files:

Email photos of cards, email signatures and import files to

Email must be sent from the email address you are using in ChannelPace.


Physical cards are returned if a stamped & self-addressed envelope is provided, otherwise cards are destroyed. As ChannelPace is a social system, an invitation from you will be issued to contacts entered to also login so that you may benefit from your contacts keeping their details up to date. Submissions by email must be from the registered work email address or verified personal email address attached to current work email address with your user account.

PaceCapture is a premium feature and may only be used by users on our Monthly Sprinter Plan (Not available on our Yearly Subscription).