ChannelPace Companion App

channelpace is available on iphone ios android

Take ChannelPace out of the office by getting the free companion app

  • Access your MyContacts List and full details of your contacts
  • Search for any contact known by other ChannelPace users in your company and view their full details
  • Search for other users in the system who are not known by you or anyone in your company
  • Make calls to contacts
  • Send SMS/Text messages
  • Send Emails
  • Share a contact's card with another of your contacts, or anyone else in your company and send their card back to the original contact also
  • Send and Approve association/connection requests from other users to exchange full business card details
  • Invite contacts who have not logged in yet
  • View extended information of contacts such as job function, responsibility and industry channel, location address and map, and website


Before you can use the mobile app!
You must register on your desktop or laptop first to create your ChannelPace profile.
Once done, you can pair the app with your profile.

Now Available for Apple iPhone and Android Phones

Now Available
Requires iOS 7 or later

Now Available
Requires Android 4.3.x or later