The features in the ChannelPace system are designed to make you more efficient, more effective, and to give you a competitive advantage. 

keep a track of all your contacts like plaxo

Keep your contacts organised and within reach. When you change jobs, they move with you.

You can export them at anytime and from your smartphone, make phone calls, send email, SMS and record interactions.

get full information on companies including address and industry channel

Find the right company address details, Industry Channel classifications and more.

ChannelPace understands customers, suppliers, distributors, resellers and even competitors. Define relationships between companies.

Add contacts like plaxo you do not have to wait like linkedin or facebook for contacts to join

Crowd-sourced Contacts
Add contacts, even if they haven’t joined Channelpace, just like traditional CRM.

When you enter a contact already known by the system, you are now crowd-sourcing the updating with anyone else with the same contact. This is where real magic happens.

My Contacts

Business Networking
Connect with other users in the system to exchange full business card information.

Have confidence when you connect with other users and get full business details.

Only people in business are in ChannelPace.


Share the details of one of your contacts with another of your contacts, or anyone in your company.

This sets up a two-way association between the contact you are sharing, and the user being shared with.

Email Distribution Lists
Put together an email distribution list at your accounts based on the contact knowledge of everyone in your company.

Select by job function, company,  or a combination of these. Created in seconds.

task management ensures you do not forget anything important crm

Task Management
Assign tasks to yourself so that nothing is forgotten.

You can even assign tasks to other users in your company. Our system will remind you when something is falling due.

My Accounts

My Accounts Territory Management
The accounts you look after can be viewed by you, your company and customers can find you.

Generate email distribution lists based on the contact knowledge of everyone in your company.


Giving you contextual information about companies and contacts.

See who your contacts are connecting to in the system, find out who is new in your customers.


Instant messaging with your online contacts, and even send files to each other. 

Instant messaging is a great timesaver and allows you to quickly check something with a contact.


Keep track of phone calls, meetings and other events, or just write a note.

You can make the information available to anyone in your company or keep it private.

Pinned Contacts & Companies

Pinned Contacts & Companies
Always within easy reach, you can pin and unpin your favorite contacts and companies.

Always accessible on your screen, your pinned contacts, companies and accounts are always just one click away.


One to one messaging with some extra features.

PaceMails are deleted (fully) when both parties delete it, or when 60 days expires, whichever occurs first.


Get your message out, even to those you don’t know yet. Select by demographic.

PaceWires allow you to send information where you select and control who can see the information.


First Knowledge Advantage™

Your Channelpace concierge will update you on contact and company changes and issue you VIP contact reminders.

Rather than a waterfall of information you are not interested in, PaceAssist allows you to target which companies and contacts you want to keep abreast of.


Have trust in who you are dealing with. The system assigns a rating to all users indicating likelihood they are still at their company.

Users are able to participate in the updating of contact information, even for shared contacts that have never logged in ensuring information is fresh and up to date.


Together, these features provide the ChannelPace platform.


Similar to LinkedIn, Facebook and other social systems, it's free to join ChannelPace.
You can organise your contacts, network & connect with other users and benefit from global crowd-sourced updating of contact information.