FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

When will Channelpace be available in my country?

ChannelPace is being progressively made available to countries around the world. We will continue to update the Availability page as more countries and languages are added. 


What do I need to join?

Channelpace is based on work or company-issued email addresses, so you will need to have an email address that is unique to your business or company. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and other free services are not supported or allowed in the Channelpace system as they do not relate back to a particular business or company. 


Do I need a credit card to join? 



What do you do with all my data? 

We store the information and allow you to search and interact with it. We do not sell it, lease it, rent it, nor do we claim ownership of it. It's your contact information, not ours. You can export your contacts in a variety of formats whenever you want.


When I add a contact, do you notify them? 

No. If you add a contact and want them to also use the service, we provide you with an Invitation button.  


Can I see who has viewed me? 

No. We don't track who views who. 


Can I export my contacts? 

Yes. You can export your contact list anytime in CSV or VCF format. 


Do you track me across the web, or any other "creepy" stuff? 

No.  We are not a part of any ad or tracking network. ChannelPace is designed to make your work life more efficient; we have no interest collecting information on what you do on the web. We provide a standalone system that does not feed information out to, or in from, other information sources.


Who can see me, and what can they see? 

When you register into ChannelPace, all other users are able to find you, however they can't view the following information: Your email address, mobile phone number, or direct phone number. They can view your name and company details.

When you Associate, or connect, with another user, your email address, mobile phone number and direct phone number become visible to the contact you connected with and users in their company. This is like a normal CRM system. When you associate with another user, you are giving them your "business card".


If I add a contact, who can see the information?

If you add a contact who is not in the system already, only you, and others in your company can see the information. Anyone else searching for that contact will receive a "Not found" message.  This is just like a normal CRM system.


I've got some ideas and suggestions ...

Then we would love to hear from you! Get in touch with us using the contact page. We can't guarantee that every suggestion we receive will be taken up, but you never know!


How do I use ChannelPace on my phone?

ChannelPace supports Apple iOS, Google Android and Blackberry phones. You must register and login on a desktop, notebook or tablet BEFORE you can use ChannelPace on your phone. See our Phone Platform page for further information.