ChannelPace CRM - It's crowd-sourced

Everyone in the same company automatically pools all their contacts to create a CRM system that is the sum of everyone's contact knowledge. 

Your contacts are still yours. Everyone's contacts are still theirs, but now you have an instant, dynamic, on-the-fly CRM system at your disposal. 

When you move to a new job, you take your contacts, and an imprint gets left behind.


Business Relationship Management

BRM goes beyond CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as aside from customers, it also understands suppliers, competitors, channel partners, distributors and other business relationships. It understands that not all contacts are customers.

By harnessing shared information, when you search for a contact that is known by someone in your company, you are able to view the full contact details, just like regular CRM.


Simple, and designed for you.

We have designed ChannelPace for users. You are never be more than two-clicks from the information you are seeking.

Some of the features available include: 

  • Task Management
  • Account Management
  • Interaction recording - Phone calls, meetings, important emails etc
  • Email list generation of Accounts you are involved with
  • Categorising companies by Industry Channel and Relationship with your company
  • Custom categories of customer types
  • Same-Channel Classifications
  • Searching, browsing and looking up information



Define Relationships

In ChannelPace you can define the relationships (multiple) that exist between your company and any other company in the system.

We understand that you may have multiple relationships with other companies, and you can also create your own sub-relationships.

classify relationships between your company and other companies
define a list of accounts you look after just like a regular CRM system

Account Ownership

Manage your accounts and let other users in your company know which accounts you are responsible for.

ChannelPace allows you to define account ownership for all locations a company has, or just a few. In addition, you can also become part of an account team just by indicating you are only responsible for some parts of your company's offerings or services.


Task Management

Never forget a task again! Attach tasks to individual contacts, to companies and set a due date. The system will remind you when it's falling due.

You can even delegate tasks to other users in your company.

task management time management do not forget tasks you need to complete be more efficient

Record notes and interactions

Keep a record of interactions with your contacts, and optionally set follow up tasks. Your notes can be marked private or left open for anyone in your company to view.

keep a track of important information and share with other users in your company

Similar to LinkedIn, Facebook and other social systems, it's free to join ChannelPace.
You can organise your contacts, business-network with other users and benefit from crowd-sourced updating of contact information.