A valuable asset - your contacts

Your business contacts are one of your most valuable professional assets.

Do you have your contacts spread across business card files, lists on your phone, maybe a spreadsheet or two, business networking sites and in your email client?

ChannelPace was designed by people who had exactly the same problem as you. 

It's time to get your professional contacts organised. Totally for free. 


Getting it organised

view full business card details

Like a regular contact system, you can add your own contacts into the ChannelPace system. We capture what is important in the business world, and your contacts are presented back to you just like a business card. 

Blue indicates an item that you can click on for further action or information. 

To really make the system more valuable to you, invite contacts you add to join also. When you add a contact you have the option to send them an invitation email - we do not notify a contact when you add them to the system. 

its a learning system based on global crowd sourced knowledge and information

A learning system

All contacts are matched by email suffix (@company) so if you (or someone else) has entered a contact at the same company, you don't have to retype company information again. What a time-saver! 


Shadow Contacts

If you enter a contact that the system already knows about, a shadow contact will be created. A Shadow Contact is one that is known by more than one user. All users that have validated access to the contact are able to update the information so that everyone benefits. Of course, for privacy reasons, you can't see who is connected to a shadow contact.


Detailed Business Information

Depending on who you are viewing, different information is displayed. For example, if you are in the same company as someone, you will see additional information such as internal phone extension numbers.

If you are viewing one of your contacts, you will see a contact image, reporting information and other social site links if these have been added.

You are able to view other contacts at the same location, staff reporting to the contact (if enabled) and more. 

detailed contact information that is contextual

They're your contacts

You can export your contacts list at anytime. Data may be exported in CSV or VCF format. It's your data; we don't do anything with it except present it back to you. 

Dynamic Updating

If any of your contacts also use the ChannelPace system, any changes they make to their contact details are automatically available to you. You don't need to go and do an update, or perform a sync. 


You may already be in the ChannelPace system.

If an existing ChannelPace user has entered your details, when you register in for the first time, your details will already be there for you to validate, and be automatically associated with those who have entered you. If this is the case, your details aren't public; they can only be seen by the people who entered you and others in their company, just like a traditional CRM system.

Similar to LinkedIn, Facebook and other social systems, it's free to join ChannelPace.
You can organise your contacts, business-network with other users and benefit from crowd-sourced updating of contact information.