Business Networking Done Right

ChannelPace implements business networking in a new way so that you can have confidence that people you network with are actually from the company they say they are from. Sounds simple, but we think it's important.

When you Associate (connect) with a contact, you are exchanging full business contact details. Full company and contact information will be shared both ways. This includes email address, company name and address, mobile and landline phone numbers, position titles etc. Everything you would expect on a business card. 


The Confidence Rating

The only way into the ChannelPace system is via a work-issued email address. And that login only lasts till the next Sunday before you have to re-validate yourself into the system. 

The ChannelPace system always monitors everyone's last login details AND the interactions that are recorded between people. We only use this data to create a confidence rating for each user in the system. 

crowd sourced contact management provides you the ability to be more efficient effective and to have a competitive advantage

When viewing a contact, there is a person icon in the top-left. Clicking this coloured person icon will give you further information about the system's confidence in this person still being at their company. 

trust accurate information is important in CRM and contact management

These icons are coded from Green through to Grey based on the number of days that have elapsed between the user validating into the system, and other users interacting with them.

Over a period of time, if a user does not log in and no one records an interaction, the system will eventually move the user to a status of "Left Company". 


Associations - it's how we connect

To exchange business details with another user in the system, an Association needs to occur. This is the ChannelPace equivalent of exchanging business cards with another person. 

connect and link with other users just like linkedin and facebook

Once you have found a contact you wish to Associate with, above their details will be an "Associate" button. Click this button to start your request. 

send a personalised message or introduction to people you want to connect or link with like linkedin and facebook and other social services

In the above case, Adam will receive a request from you, and if he Approves, you will now have added Adam's "card" to your list of contacts.  Any users that you Associate with, are automatically now part of your personal contacts list, referred to as MyContacts. Whenever anyone in your MyContacts list updates their details, you automatically have their new details.


Online Status with your Contacts

Anyone in your MyContacts has an online indicator shown to you. Your MyContacts list is made up of contacts you have added to the system, or contacts you have Associated with.  Online status is indicated by coloured squares (Green - Available, Yellow - Away, Red - Busy). An invisible indicator is also available.

instant messaging and collaboration is available with your online contacts

Similar to LinkedIn, Facebook and other social systems, it's free to join ChannelPace.
You can organise your contacts, business-network with other users and benefit from crowd-sourced updating of contact information.