An FAQ about our App

I've changed jobs

As with our web solution, when you change jobs, you will need to unpair the app from your old work profile and repair the app with your new profile. In the App, open the menu, select Settings, then press the UnPair button.

I can't send an email

Ensure you have at least one email account working on your phone. If you have more than one, ensure your phone has a default email account set.

Do I have to enter a PIN each week?

As this is a companion to the main web service, if you login to the web service at the start of each week, the phone app will not require you to re-authenticate each week. If you have not used the web version by each Wednesday, you will need to authenticate via a PIN on the app.

Still need help? 

If our FAQ was not able to solve your issue, use the button below to open a support request.