About This App

This app is a companion to the main ChannelPace service. As with the web-based version, your access to the app will cease when you can no longer access your work-issued email address. When you start at a new job, simply unpair the app and log in again using your new work email address.

Features available include:

  • Access your MyContacts List and full contact details
  • Search for any contact known by any other ChannelPace users in your company
  • Search for other ChannelPace users and send connection/association requests
  • Make calls to contacts
  • Share a contact's card with another of your contacts or anyone else in your company
  • Send Email and SMS text messages
  • Approve connection requests from other users to exchange full business card details
  • View the company location of contacts, industry channel of company, job functions and responsibilities of contacts

More features will be added in future versions.

About Our Solution

ChannelPace is the world’s first crowd-sourced contact management system for the business-to-business world, where full business card details are captured.

It’s a cloud-based system where the contacts are owned by the individual users, harnessed by everyone in the same company, and updated by anyone in the world connected to the same contacts.

Contacts may be entered in the same manner as a traditional CRM system, or via business networking, in a manner similar to LinkedIn.

Only one record is ever kept of a business card, keyed on the unique email address, and then people with the same contacts or in the same company, participate in the updating of the information without possibly being connected or aware of each other.

It aims to make individuals and companies more efficient, more effective, and to give them a competitive advantage