About ChannelPace

ChannelPace is a new and innovative company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our solution is a cloud-based business-to-business contact management and relationship platform that harnesses the collective knowledge of you, your co-workers and your contacts, and is available in 56 countries


About Our Solution

Last century, Hildaur Neilson invented the Rolodex, a method of organising your business contacts.

ChannelPace has reinvented how you and your co-workers can manage, update, store and share your business contacts using today's technology.

It’s a cloud-based system where the contacts are owned by the individual users, harnessed by everyone in the same company, and updated by anyone in the world connected to the same contacts.

Contacts may be entered in the same manner as a traditional CRM system, or via business networking, in a manner similar to LinkedIn.

Only one record is ever kept of a business card, and then people with the same contacts or in the same company, participate in the updating of the information without possibly being connected or aware of each other.

It aims to make individuals and companies more efficient, more effective, and to give them a competitive advantage

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